Monday, November 14, 2011

Small Changes

The past few weeks have been spent in planning and thinking.  When should I start dieting?  What should I eat?  How am I going to make sure I stick to it?  This has been interspersed with the flu and food poisoning as well as some pretty serious sleep deprivation as my toddler goes through a no sleeping phase.  So all in all, I’ve felt stalled and unmotivated.

I had been thinking about spending more time planning, finding a strategy that will really work and feeling really, READY, before I start dieting.  However, the more I try to do this, the less motivated I feel.  Maybe it’s because planning doesn’t give me any results.  Planning doesn’t make me fitter, thinner or feel healthier.  Without these results, it’s hard to stay focused and on task. 

So I’ve decided to plunge in.  I’m going to keep it simple, start with a few changes and hopefully by not making drastic changes, have some time to do some of the preparation that I wanted.  For now I will,
  1. Stop drinking soda
  2. Snack only on raw veggies at night
  3. Exercise 30 minutes a day
  4. Maintain a primarily whole foods, vegan diet.

I will try this for two weeks and see how it goes. 


  1. Few changes are easier, those changes are ones I should adopt as well! Looking forward to hearing how it's going!

  2. Great approach. I keep reminding myself I did not gain this weight in one week so it will not come off in a week. I keep stumbling on the diet soda as it is my sole source of caffeine & on days I've been up through the night I crave it.