Monday, October 31, 2011

Reasons I do want to diet

Sorry about the time between posts, being sick with a sick toddler is not fun...  Which made me think of the third reason that I'm worried about starting another diet.  That I don't have the time to commit.  But I'm not going to spend too much time on this because I don't think it's really true.  It's just something I tell myself when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

So do I really want to diet?  Despite the reasons I've listed in previous posts, one look in the mirror tells me, yes.  Thoughts about my health and concerns about being vital and energetic for my toddler as he grows up tell me, yes.  The desire to feel good about myself and my food choices also tells me, yes.

I know that I want to make this change.  I feel it in the depression that comes when I think about how many years I've wasted worrying about food and weight.  I feel it when I think that I want to model something better for my child than being unhappy and seemingly powerless over this addiction to food and other weighty vices.

So I do have reasons, and when I spell them out, I think that are more important to me than the ones saying, don't bother.  But I've also learned from experience that I have to honor those as well so that they don't sabatoge me later.


  1. I can relate the effect of fatigue on eating habits and motivation. I have a child with diabetes and that can mean many sleepless nights for me. On the following days I tend to reach for diet cokes and starches as comfort food. Am really trying to journal what I eat & see the eating of fruits and veggies as self nourishing. You can do this!

  2. Start with some small changes and over time they really add up. A journal can really help so that you can see patterns and see how different foods make you feel. Keep at it until it becomes habit and don't get down on yourself if you slip here and there.