Sunday, October 2, 2011

Whole Life Diet Explained

So, like I promised, I need to explain more about what I mean by "whole life diet."  

I've been a crisis counsellor for 6 years and worked with many people helping them address and change problems.  Being a counsellor has also changed me.   I am less irritable, have more control over my anger and have better relationships.  I've also learned to enjoy life more and be more thankful for what I do have in my life.  It has especially made me more aware of how fragile and temporary life can be.  The thing that hasn't changed, in fact seems to be more stubborn is my relationship with food.

As a counsellor, too, I have knowledge of numerous theories of change.  Some, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, believe that the mind is the seat of change.  Others, like many trauma therapies, believe that it is the body that holds our memories and it's path can lead us to change.  Emotions, spirituality, relationships, and the natural world are other ways that change can be found.  

Personally I think that we need to look at all of these, and find a variety of techniques that work for each individual.  And that's what I intend to do here.  Experiment on myself, try to shake loose from the stuckness that I feel and find a path that works for me.  

Before ending this post I have to mention one other thing that's really important to me.  I have to be able to have fun and celebrate life while I'm losing weight.  It's can't be a sombre, serious, martyr-ish feeling thing.  As I said above, the biggest thing I've learned from being a crisis counsellor is that life is fragile and I want to enjoy it!


  1. I think your idea of having fun is essential to losing weight. In the past I've had gym memberships, but I've never gone consistently as I hate going to the gym. Today I went for a 16km bike ride which I really enjoyed. I'm more likely to keep something up if I enjoy it and like you said, life is too short not too.

  2. Life is short. The older I get, the more I realize this. I find that when I'm trying to curb my eating, I have to find a new way to enjoy life. Food is definitely a reward or comfort for me. Chicken and salad just doesn't hug you like a plate of hot wings :)

  3. So true! What would life be if we spend it worrying what we eat next, if we should eat anything next. What would life be, if we wouldn't allow ourselves a piece of chocolate and REALLY enjoy it! If I feel happy, I don't really think about food and I seem to eat healthier and less in a day.

  4. I hear that. I think that's one of the problem with so many diets. I feel deprived and bored at the idea that I will have to eat boring bland food!