Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I don't want to diet #2 - Giving up comfort food.

Another problem with going on a diet is that it's not just about eating differently.  It's about changing my relationship with food.  On reflecting on the various reasons that I overeat, I see that I eat when I feel down, I eat to have fun, I eat when I'm angry...  I use food for entertainment, enjoyment, soothing and comfort.  And I don't care what anyone says, as much as I love carrots, they don't have the same kick that a nacho chip covered in melted cheese and washed down with cola has!

If fear of failure is a biggie in my resistance to dieting, this is gigantic.  I know that to make lasting changes in my relationship with food, not just temporary ones.  If I don't want to fail yet again.  I have to change this.  Which means learning to find fun, comfort, entertainment and soothing from somewhere else.

A big part of this is how introverted I am.  I have a rewarding but demanding job, I am busy with my wonderful toddler, and at the end of the day, I recharge by withdrawing into myself, watching tv or wasting time on the computer.  Inevitably, this includes munching on a sweet or fatty snack.

So I think that what I need to do to really address this problem is to learn to have fun, to find things that I enjoy. This is a big part of that whole life part of the whole life diet.  Learning to recreate my life in a way that food, weight loss and the associated habits are NOT central aspects of my daily world.


  1. I could really relate to this post. I eat fairly healthy, but still too much junk on a regular basis, which is a hard habit to break. I'm trying to think in terms of baby steps, as in having 1/2 the can of Coke, instead of the full can, or having a healthy snack and then the potato chips (hoping that I'll eat less of them).

  2. I like the 1/2 can of coke idea, that's a major crutch for me and a big problem. I think finding ways to reduce rather than restrict is a possible first step.